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Governor Moore Statement Regarding MIG 2021

CHICAGO, IL - The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted every facet of our lives from work, school, and more to, now, Model Illinois Government, leaving many participants to wonder about the current state of the organization, specifically the 2020-2021 Executive Board’s approach to a successful simulation.

The 2020-2021Executive Board is continuously working on the 2021 simulation while ensuring engagement still occurs safely next year. Currently, state guidelines mandate that until an FDA approved vaccine is created and implemented, groups of more than fifty people are not allowed to gather within the state of Illinois. This mandate is the harsh reality not only for our organization, but many other organizations, institutions, and more across the entire state and country. With this in mind, the executive board has been strategizing and organizing a variety of potential options and scenarios for the 2021 MIG Simulation. The executive board is faced with three main, overarching options for the 2021 simulation consisting of: 1) a physical sim with added rules, regulations, and guidelines per state/federal/institutional updates, 2) a virtual sim consisting of components and portions of the normal wider simulation, and 3) postponement.

Over the coming months, your executive board will be researching, strategizing, and organizing potential courses of action around the above three options to ensure participants receive the same level of academic and professional engagement on par with a regular year. Participation from ALL delegations, regardless of the chosen path, will ensure strong vitality for the organization moving regarding future simulations. Currently, official news will be announced in the coming months for confirmed simulation arrangements for the 2021 simulation. We look forward to engaging with every one of you in the coming months.

For the latest information, please visit

Governor Isaiah Moore


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