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House Elections MIG 2022

On the 3rd of March the Model Illinois Government simulation started, and our Independent journalists' team from the Northeastern Illinois university was honored to participate in this big event which is going to last three more days. Many student delegations from all across the state gathered in Wyndham Springfield City Centre hotel. Today, on the 29th floor of this tall building which has gorgeous views on the city students from the legislative body had a very busy day: delegations had to do all their best to show off what bills they offer and to finally choose Minority and Majority leaders of both House and Senate.

The House Democrats' participants were giving wonderful speeches during the Majority Leader election process. One of the participants, a student from Governors State University, Chasatte Simeon, said, "I am a leader who can understand and support you, even if we may not be the same color, we all are different shades, but diversity is important." Another participant, Aleece McLeod, who is a representative of the Southeast Illinois College, took the audience's attention by confidently saying "I will be an advocate for all these bills and any of these bills you want to be passed will be passed!" And the other participants' mood increased immediately when "mop up the republicans" was mentioned by Aleece. "It's not only about me, it's about us" - this important quote is quite relevant to the key characteristics of the successful Majority Leader.

Tomorrow participants are having another busy day with Party Caucuses, Justice Overstreet Presentations, Committee Action, Legislative Leadership meetings and Campaign Mixer events. Let's wish both ‘Democrats’ and ‘Republicans’ good luck and take everything from this full of almost real-life experience to become the civil servants who will make America even greater. All these unique students have their own plans and dreams of the shape of their future, and they as the' fresh-blood" will bring many developments to the table of the Illinois Government.

Delegates in the House Democratic caucus elected and swore in their leadership for the different committees in the 2022 Model of Illinois Government held at the Wyndham Springfield Centre Hotel.

Aleece McLeod, from Southeastern Illinois College, won the position of Majority Leader. She reminded the caucus that they had the supermajority and that they could pass any law they wanted, but they needed “determination and organization”. She will be joined by Sarah Ware, from Governors State University, as Assistant Majority Leader. Ware resalted inclusiveness and care as the main characteristics of her leadership.

Oliver Abell, also from Southeastern Illinois College, lost the Assistant Majority Leader position to Sarah Ware, but he won a place as one of the whips in charge of rallying the caucus to pass prioritized bills.

He said, “I have been researching these bills for weeks,” while showing to the chamber his binders full of worn out, highlighted papers. “This is how we are going to win,” he added.

The caucus also chose two other whips: Rebbie Davis, Prairie State College Head Delegate, and Christian Walls, from Eastern Illinois University.

Joel Lemmert, Chasatte Simeon, and Christian Walls were picked as the democratic caucus spokespeople for the weekend.

The day started with meetings where new delegates were instructed about the procedures of the chamber. Then the Opening ceremony took place in a hybrid format. Though the Opening Ceremony in a hybrid format was a bit challenging, with delegates spread across rooms all on Zoom to ensure for the safety of all, the delegates gracefully persevered.

By Olga Shalaeva and Erwin Lopez Rada

Photo by Lizzie Roehrs

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