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Letter from Governor Mackenzi Matthews

Hello everyone! Recently, our Governor Dan Fogarty had to resign due to personal

Governor Mackenzi Matthews, University of Illinois-Springfield

reasons. While the next in line for the governorship in our constitution is the Lieutenant Governor, our Lieutenant Governor was open and honest about not being able to take on the responsibilities of the position. With full support of the Executive Board and in order to follow constitutional procedures, I resigned from my position as Attorney General and was appointed to Lieutenant Governor. Once in this position, I became Governor upon Dan's resignation, while Francisco Lopez-Zavala was re-appointed to serve out the remainder of his term as Lieutenant Governor.

While planning for this upcoming simulation has been more complicated than in past years, the Executive Board has been doing a fantastic job pulling it all together! We are excited to share we are moving forward with plans for an in-person simulation in 2022. Registration will be opening up this week, and our Technology Director Tim Kirsininkas has linked the hotel information to the home page of modelilgov.org.

I look forward to seeing you all at the MIG 2022 Simulation!

-Mackenzi Matthews, Governor

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