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MIG 2021 Election Guidelines

Online Elections Guide

Elections will be held online through the Election Buddy voter platform. Each registered delegate will receive an email on how to vote. Voting will occur on Saturday and results will be published that night.



You will need to get approval from your advisor, and submit a letter of intent to by the advisor (if it is not sent from a faculty advisor it will not be accepted). An email will then be sent to you letting you know that you will appear on the ballot.

Letters of intent must be received by the Secretary of State by 5:30 PM Friday

Letter of Intent

Clearly state what office you are running for and 200 to 300 words on why you are running. That document will then be published in The Journal to serve as your opening campaign statement.

The letter should include the following:

  • Your name

  • Why you are running

  • How many years you have been in MIG

  • What office you are running for

  • Past experience

  • A professional photo

  • Any other things you feel voters should know about you


For any questions regarding voting email or

Qualified voters will:

  • Be officially registered through a school delegation

  • Be active participants in all required MIG sessions

  • Any delegate missing 4 or more roll call votes will be disqualified from voting

  • Qualified delegates will only be able to access their ballot through their official school email that they used to register for simulation

Campaigning Rules

  • No campaigning will be permitted during official committee or floor sessions

  • The election committee will set up designated times for campaigning during the simulation - these times will be visible on the MIG schedule hub

  • Any alleged violations will need to be submitted in writing to the Secretary of State to be reviewed by the election committee

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