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MIG 2022 Awards Ceremony and Election Results

Congratulations to the Model Illinois Government EBoard 2023! (shown above)

The 44th consecutive MIG Awards Ceremony began ahead of schedule Sunday and started right at 12:30p.m. Tim Kirsininkas, who is in charge of technology at MIG as well as having other obligations, thanked each and every one of the delegates and commended everyone for rolling with the punches.

There were a few unforeseen circumstances that occurred at this year’s MIG, like finding out that the simulation wouldn’t be occurring in the State house a month before it was to commence, but everyone did their best to make do.

Kirsininkas proceeded to thank the executive board and said, “this is the best part of the simulation for those who have really excelled at their positions.”

The first round of awards were for Moot Court and were announced by Chief Justice Elizabeth Stevens. Collin Budd of Millikin University won the John Williams Award for Outstanding Attorney for what Stevens said was, “really instilling the attorney’s feedback and progress[ing] throughout the whole competition.”

Ellie Krouse and Ella Collins of Eastern Illinois University won the John Williams Award for Outstanding Team. Krouse and Collins competed in rounds A, B, semifinals, and finals. Stevens said they “knew case law better than every other team.”

Kirsininkas announced the awards for the legislative branch of the simulation and Madam Gov. Mackenzi Matthews of the University of Illinois - Springfield (UIS) presented them.

Jacob Lemon of Southeastern Illinois College (SIC) won the Hunt Award for Outstanding House Committee Chair. The Hunt Award for Outstanding Committee Person in the House went to Joel Lemmert of UIS. Oliver Abell of SIC won the award for Outstanding First-Year Delegate in the House

The next award in the ceremony was named for State Rep. Will Davis who made a generous contribution that allowed this year’s simulation to occur. The award was for Outstanding Member of the House and went to Aleece McLeod of SIC.

DeJoie Simmons of UIS won the Hunt Award for Outstanding Senate Committee Chair. The Lennon Award for Outstanding Committee Person in the Senate went to Ana Vidric of Millikin University. The award for Outstanding First-year Delegate in the Senate went to Evan Alexakos of UIS.

The Humphrey Award for Outstanding Member of the Senate went to Jillian Womack of SIC. The Ramsey Award for Outstanding Original Legislation was for HBOL1 crafted by Alex O’Daniel of SIC.

The Robert Kent Award for Outstanding Lobbyist went to Juan Cervantes of Triton College. The Kurtis L. Hermes Award for Outstanding Journalists went to Ryland Pietras of Northeastern Illinois University. Diana Ibarra of UIS won the Brandon Oxley Award for Outstanding Staff Member.

(Former Gov. Mackenzi Matthews and Outstanding Journalist Ryland Pietras)

Gov. Mackenzi Matthews won the George Perry Award for Outstanding Contribution to MIG.

The last two awards were what Kirsininkas called the “big ones.” With nearly 100 delegates at this year’s simulation, the awards were for small and large delegations.

The award for Outstanding Small Delegation went to Principia College. The award for Outstanding Large Delegation went to UIS.

Alumni Lizzie Roehrs then announced the results for the election results for the 2023 Executive Board.

Before Roehrs announced the results, Gov. Matthews said, “Overall I think with everything that happened this went as smoothly as humanly possible. So I hope our wonderful new e-board [members] that are presented, I hope they get to see you guys next year too. Hopefully, under better circumstances.”

“MIG doesn't keep happening if we don't have an executive board running things,” said Roehrs. “It is an awesome opportunity to be on the board and I wish our winning candidates the best of luck over the next year.”

Colin Budd not only won the award for Outstanding Attorney, but was also elected Chief Justice.

Christian Walls of Eastern Illinois University was elected Speaker of the House.

Alex Washkowiak of UIS was elected to President of the Senate

No candidates ran for Comptroller or Treasurer.

Nicollette Allen of Governors State University was reelected Secretary of State.

Tamas DiLorenzo of Prairie State University was elected Attorney General.

Francisco Lopez-Zavala of UIS was reelected Lieutenant Governor.

Connor Krater of UIS was elected Governor.

Congratulations to everyone who won an award and to the 2023 Executive Board!

By: Ryland Pietras

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