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MIG Announces 2021 Award Winners, Kulavic Presented with Lifetime Achievement Award

In a year like no other for Model Illinois Government, the 2021 simulation was a learning experience for everyone. Each and every delegate should be commended for their commitment and dedication to the organization and seeing this year through!

With that being said - many delegates embraced the challenge and achieved new heights this year. We are proud to present to you the list of this year's 2021 Model Illinois Government award winners!

Outstanding Committee Person in the House - Delaney Gatine, Principia Outstanding Committee Chair in the House - Mackenzi Matthews, UIS Outstanding First Year Delegate in the House - Aleece McLeod, Southeastern Illinois College Outstanding Member of the House - Christian Murray, Southeastern Illinois College Outstanding Committee Person in the Senate - Gillian Jones, Southeastern Illinois College Outstanding Committee Chair in the Senate - Tiffany Hannah, Governor's State University Outstanding First Year in the Senate - Gavyn Woolard, Southeastern Illinois College Outstanding Member of the Senate - Callie Oxford, Southeastern Illinois College Outstanding Whip - Keegan Noll, Eastern Illinois University Outstanding Lobbyist - Caleb Weiss, Southeastern Illinois College

Outstanding Original Legislation - Geoff Diver, Millikin University Outstanding Journalist - Elijah England, Millikin University Outstanding Staff Member - Bryce Thomas, UIS

Outstanding Contribution to MIG - Isaiah Moore, Governor's State University, Kallie Matthews, UIS, and Dan Fogarty, Prairie State College

The Awards Committee wished to particularly commend Governor Moore, Speaker Matthews and President Fogarty for their significant efforts in facilitating the virtual simulation in 2021.

From L to R: Outstanding Contribution to MIG award winners Gov. Isaiah Moore (GSU), President of the Senate Dan Fogarty (GSU), Speaker of the House Kallie Matthews (UIS)

Lifetime Achievement Award - Kevin Kulavic

Kevin Kulavic, Alumni

Mr Kulavic recently stood down after nearly 10 years of service to Model Illinois Government in the role of Secretariat. The Awards Committee wishes to commend Mr Kulavic for the significant assistance he has provided to the organization over many years. Kulavic was a valuable asset to the organization in securing use of the state capitol for sessions as well as ensuring the smooth transition between executive boards every year.

Outstanding Small Delegation - Governor's State University

Outstanding Large Delegation - Southeastern Illinois College​


Moot Court winners

Outstanding Moot Court Team - Hannah Prochnow and Reena Riley, Millikin

Best Oral Argument - Christina Hoving, Millikin

Moot Court Best Top Novice - Ariana Alex, Eastern Illinois

2021 Moot Court Champions - Oluwafunke Odufuwa and Christina Hoving, Millikin

Honorable mention to Jessie Mell, Eastern Illinois

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