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MIG Journal Friday Edition: MIG welcomes delegates for 45th Year

Delegates are administered the MIG Oath of Office by Chief Justice Collin Budd on Thursday at the Wyndham - Photo by Tim Kirsininkas

By Tamas DiLorenzo, Attorney General

A crowd gathered in the Prairie room of the Wyndham on Thursday evening to take the oath of office and bear witness to each Executive Board member's final report. We heard from our guest speaker Mike Murphy, observed a moment of silence for a MIG alumni, and heard from each delegation. Shortly after, parties went off to caucus, overseen by Advisors from many of MIG's partner schools.

The MIG Executive Board members take the oath of office Thursday

The 45th Model Illinois Government simulation has begun, bringing with it a time for reflection. MIG is fortunate to have such a strong network of schools. This year, 13 institutions have brought delegates to engage in simulation of Illinois government so that we may better appreciate it, understand it, and engage with it. This incurs no small expense; it is a great expenditure of time, effort, and money.

MIG is an investment greater than the sum of its parts. Over the course of a year, countless hours are spent organizing this simulation. Once a new Executive Board is elected, the work for next year begins that same day. Capable hands toil away for many hours every week, booking our hotel, our Capitol, and organizing bills. Our Advisors, whom we owe our special thanks to for securing our member schools attendance, work tirelessly to support their students in addition to the other demands of their lives and careers. This work is entirely volunteer, and unbelievably time-consuming. With all of this hard work from all of these individuals, then, it may seem silly to say we are “lucky” to have MIG. After all, there is no luck involved in the assiduous work of elected officers and professional academics. Yet, luck is a fitting word. It is lucky that we have so many elected and unelected leaders who care so much about the delegates. It is lucky that these individuals remain at MIG, and have not been swept away by greener pastures. It is lucky that we have all united to come here again, so that we may endeavor to learn more about ourselves and our government.

Chasette Simeon, 2022 delegate with GSU, was remembered during this year's opening ceremonies

Regrettably, we mourn an alumni this year: Chasatte Simeon, who was a delegate at MIG 2022 with Governor's State University. Simeon was, by all accounts, a resolute and ambitious young woman who gave everything her fullest effort. Outside of MIG, she was an accomplished student who was set to graduate from Governors State University this year. She was a dancer and a peer mentor at GSU. Her classmates will attest how thoughtful, encouraging, and dedicated she was to all of the delegates of MIG. Despite ‘22 being her first year at MIG, she debated with incredible care and voracity. She also ran for an eBoard position as a first-year delegate, which takes incredible bravery and coolheadedness. Simeon was, truly, the very best of MIG; an idol who left a precious, lasting impression on her peers and this organization. I was fortunate enough to meet Ms. Simeon at last year’s simulation, and I had hoped that she would return for many years to come. Like many others, I am deeply saddened by her passing. Everyone at MIG directs thoughts and prayers to Simeon's family.

This simulation is a complicated endeavor, but our goal is simple: With thought-provoking debate, diplomatic amendments, and firm respect for each other, every delegate gains knowledge about their government, their legal system, and themselves. To all first-year delegates, welcome. To all returning delegates, welcome back. MIG is lucky to have you.

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