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Model Illinois Government 2021 Election Guide

A One Post Hub For All Election Inquiries

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Executive Board Positions


Lieutenant Governor

Attorney General

Secretary of State



President of the Senate

Speaker of the House

Chief Justice


The Run For Governor


Dan Fogarty - Governors State University

Dan Fogarty
  • Current President of the Senate.

  • Has been a member of Model Illinois Government for four years.

  • Was Majority Leader of the Senate for two years.

  • “I started my MIG journey by attempting to run for Senate whip, and immensely failing. I went up to give my thirty second speech and about five seconds into it I began to stutter, after five more seconds I completely lost my train of thought and was stuck standing in front of fifty of my fellow delegates with nothing to say. I said, “Umm...thank you,” and walked off the floor to stifled laughter. It was truly one of the most embarrassing moments of my life.”

  • “That was a major moment in my MIG career, I learned what it felt like to be absolutely terrified to speak, and I learned how to overcome that. That is where my passion for leadership began; I did not want any student to feel as alone as I felt after that leadership election. I wanted every delegate to know that even the leaders are terrified to speak most of the time.”

  • “Now, going into my fifth year of MIG I want to expand that beyond just the Senate. I want to make sure that the entirety of MIG continues to become better each and every year. I know that it’s obvious that this year of MIG was a struggle. I know that every board member worked to make sure MIG could stay on its feet this year, but I want more than that, I want MIG to start running again. I want MIG to grow, and become better each and every year going forward.”


The Run For Lieutenant Governor

No Candidates


The Run For Attorney General


Mackenzi Matthews - University of Illinois-Springfield

Mackenzi Matthews
  • Fourth year being a part of Model Illinois Government

  • I have worked hard on OL formatting, and one of my first actions as Attorney General would be to update the OL Handbook that is from the 2017 MIG Simulation.”

  • “I fully understand the stresses and difficulties that can come with tight deadlines and I want to be a support system for the journalists next simulation. Regarding the upkeep of the MIG Constitution, this is my second year as parliamentarian for the UIS Student Government Association. I am extremely familiar with managing the rules of an organization. Finally, I would be happy to assist the rest of the Executive Board in rebuilding our organization.”

Rhys Deiter - Milikin University

“ I decided to run for attorney general because I’ve always been adamant on maintaining order and following rules and I believe attorney general puts me in a good spot to do as such. This is my first year in MIG so I definitely have a lot to learn, but I believe my character will make up in areas I may be temporarily lacking in knowledge.”

  • “There is no partisan agenda for me when I’m attorney general my only concern is making sure everything is done in a fair and proper manner. I will always have the well-being of MIG in mind. I will be the honest and unbiased leader that MIG deserves.”


The Run For Secretary of State


Nicollette Allen - Prairie State College

  • Has been a part of Model Illinois Government for two years.

  • Is a part of the Political Science Club and on the Scholar Advisory Council for One Million Degrees at Prairie State College.

  • “The Purpose of One Million Degrees is to be a viable resource for students to achieve at least an Associates Degree through providing students assistance where they need it. This includes tutoring enrichment grants, professional development and more.”

  • “I am assigned to the Academic Support Committee. In this position, I am tasked with providing an opinion via a proposal as to how various grants will be allocated to students. It can be difficult to decide how monetary funds should be allocated, especially when funding is sometimes limited. Some of the grants provided can potentially mean the difference between remaining in school and having to leave due to insufficient resources. Therefore, I will be an asset to the Executive Board. I possess the knowledge and the experience to fulfill the duties and responsibilities of this position.”

Francisco Lopez Zavala - University of Illinois-Springfield

  • Has been a part of Model Illinois Government for two years.

  • “As your Secretary of State, I will ensure information gets across to every Delegate regarding elections as quickly and concise as possible. The year of 2020 going into 2021 has been hectic and caused more chaos for MIG than previous years. As Secretary of State, I will ensure the documents regarding MIG are kept orderly and can be accessed and viewed without conflict. Everyone wants MIG and the elections to go back to normal, in-person, and I will work with the fellow E-Board to make that a reality as possible and quickly as we can.”


The Run For Treasurer


Marcia Huerta-Pazos - Prairie State College

  • Has been a part of Model Illinois Government for two years.

  • Pursuing an Associate Degree in Political Science and an Associate of Science in Chemistry.

  • “MIG is important to me, and it has been the college event I’ve looked forward to the most. I’d like to do my part to foster cooperation and learning among attendees.”

  • “Last year, I had the opportunity to be part of the Senate, and I greatly enjoyed connecting with students like me who have an innate interest in politics. I have many years of experience in management in business, and I am bilingual (English, Spanish).”

  • “Being part of MIG has given me the chance to get out of my bubble, and speak out on what I truly believe in and stand for. I would like to help other first year MIG attendees feel the same way and develop the same confidence in themselves, while also providing them an opportunity to meet like-minded individuals and gain valuable experience in collaborating with each other, reading and understanding bills, and discovering their political stances along the way.”


The Run For Comptroller


Joel Lemmert - University of Illinois-Springfield

  • Third year being a part of Model Illinois Government

  • Is a resident assistant.

  • “The role of Comptroller is extremely important in making sure that it runs well financially, but also for you the delegates.

  • The key things Lemmert would do is to assist the treasurer in making sure to do what is best for the delegates and not go over budget or overspend.

  • Lemmert also expressed excitement for the MIG Banquet where awards are given out.

Callie Oxford - Southeastern Illinois College

  • Has been a part of Model Illinois Government for two years.

  • Works in the Senator’s District Office in Harrisburg.

  • “I am running because I feel as if I have done well on the floor and I am ready to take on a more involved role behind the scenes.”

  • “Last year, I wrote and passed an OL with an unanimous vote in both chambers, winning me the Outstanding OL award. That feeling of knowing that I have the potential to help others and possibly even change lives, made me fall in absolute love with MIG and politics.”

  • “I am beyond proud and thankful for the Executive Board this year and all they have done to make this weekend amazing for everyone. I am ready to take on this role of leadership. I have had many, many years of experience being in a leadership position. I currently serve as my college’s Student Government President and was a Senator last year. I spent ten years in 4-H, giving me the public speaking skills that landed me where I am today. I have always found myself as someone people look to for leadership and I am prepared to do just that here. I believe my reputation precedes me and I am more than willing to fill those shoes!”


The Run For President of the Senate


Aislinn Diaz - University of Illinois-Springfield

  • Diaz has been a part of the Model Illinois Government Senate chamber for three years.

  • President of Student Government Association at UIS

  • “I have seen three different Senate leaderships and have observed and learned from them on what works and what does not, along with what needs to change. I hope to take what I have learned and help create a simulation experience that everyone will learn and have fun with.”

  • “In my time at MIG, I have served as a senator, vice chair (first year), and senate committee chair (three years). With the experience I have gained from being a committee chair, I am confident in my ability to run the entire senate chamber. In the past I have won Best Senate Committee Chair (second year) and Best Senate Committee person (first year). The first for being able to both assist my committee through their docket and providing guidance to first years who were learning the ropes for the first time. The second was for my ability to take on the role of committee chair at short notice and learn how to run a committee as it was my first year and I had never done it before.”


The Run For Speaker of the House


Connor Krater - University of Illinois-Springfield

“I am running for Speaker of the House so that I can help work towards a smooth, competitive, and well-organized simulation. I value the participation and opportunities that simulation provides, and I want to help ensure that the house chamber, and simulation, can run smoothly to continue to be a memorable event. I have been elected to be a committee spokesperson for the past three years in a row, and speaker is in the name of speaker of the house. Therefore, I believe I am well experienced in the requirements for the position. I have many fond memories of simulation and could only happen because of a dedicated, experienced, and optimistic administration and I intend to be a part of such an administration. Organization, experience, and fun are the words I live by.”


The Run For Chief Justice

No Candidates


Rules and Regulations of Model Illinois Government Election Voting 2021

-Voters must be registered through an official school delegation

-Voters must have been active in required MIG sessions

-Delegates who have missed four(+) role call votes will be disqualified

-Qualified delegates will receive their ballots through their school email.

+Purdue will not be able to vote because they are not located in Illinois


"The vote is the most powerful instrument ever devised by human beings for breaking down injustice and destroying the terrible walls which imprison people because they are different from others," -Martin Luther King Jr.

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