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The MIG Journal: Friday Morning Edition


Opening Ceremonies See New Perspectives and Fresh Faces

By Tim Kirsininkas, Press Secretary

Photos by Lizzie Roehrs

At Thursday night’s opening ceremony, each of Model Illinois Government’s Executive Board officers gave their opening remarks, rallying students to get active and get involved, giving their best advice to new students to MIG this year.

New this year, MIG was joined by a special guest delegate, Corey Shirey from the Oklahoma Intercollegiate Legislature. Shirey served as the Governor of OIL this past year, and at their conference in November, our MIG Governor Sabrina LeBlanc visited their simulation. The inter-state partnership allows each leader to observe how other simulations are run and to take ideas back to their respective organizations. Shirey was impressed by what he saw at the first night of MIG.

“It’s great to see here that even 600 miles away, that same passion and dedication to making a difference in our future still exists here” Shirey said.

Shirey sees a real potential for a partnership between MIG and OIL in the future. He would like to see more collaboration between state model government organizations in the future.

“I’m looking forward to meeting people and taking in this experience all weekend” Shirey said.

Also at the opening ceremony, delegates heard from the Director of the Paul Sim

Sec. of State Ismael Cordova chats with keynote speaker John Shaw of the Paul Simon Policy Institute

on Public Policy Institute, John Shaw. Shaw shared stories about his extensive career in journalism and national and global politics. He challenged students to look past their own personal viewpoints this weekend and work with those with different views to find compromise across the aisle.


House Democrats Select Leadership for the Weekend

By James Kanter, UIS, Anthony Muhammad, GSC

The House Democrats held its caucus meeting Thursday night to select new leadership. Mackenzi Matthews (D-UIS) was elected Majority Leader, defeating Christian Lane (D-SIU) and Barry Rocha (D-PSC).

House Speaker Kallie Matthews

Majority Leader Matthews had this to say, “this weekend is not about what I want, it is about what you want.” After the election of Majority Leader Matthews the elections for assistant majority leader were held.

Five members ran, Representative Brock Hammond (D-EIS), Representative Lane, Representative Doni Purifoy (D-WIU), Representative Collin Moseley (D-UIS), and Representative Rocha.

Representative Hammond ran on a platform of Bi-partisianship with the quote “Instead of being Model Illinois Government, let's be a Model for Illinois Government.” Representative Lane who had previously run for Majority Leader ran on a platform of being a resource to Democratic caucus members. Representative Moseley cited his professional work in the capitol. Representative Rocha stated that he was interested in politics.

Representative Lane won the Assistant Majority Leader position.

The Majority Whip elections were also held Thursday evening culminating in a win for Representative Moseley. The night did not end without a small amount of intrigue from a three way run-off between Representative Bethany Smith (D-SIU), Representative Amber Shupe (D-WIU), and Representative Rocha. The two remaining positions ultimately went to Representative Smith and Representative Shupe.

The additional delegates nominated for Whip included Representative Hector Estrada (D-NIU), Representative Micheal Perri (D-EIU), Representative Christian Walls (D-EIU), Representative Hammond (D-EIU), Representative Alexandria Herbst (D-NIU), and Representative Franscisco Zavala (D-UIS).


House Republicans Elect Leadership Positions in First Party Caucus

By Dana Cadey, Principia and Kaylar Recker, NIU

House Republicans held their leadership elections on Thursday night, Feb. 27. During these elections, presided over by Attorney General Chief of Staff Alex Rader, delegates cast their votes for Minority Leader, Assistant Minority Leader, Minority Whips, and committee spokespersons.

Representative Joseph Partain (R-UIS) will serve as the Minority Leader for the House Republicans. Representative Partain beat Representative Nicollette Allen (R-PSU) in a two-person race for the party’s top position in the House. In response to his win, Minority Leader Partain said, “My main goal, coming from a legal perspective, is to create good public speakers, regardless of their party affiliation outside of MIG.”

Representative Liam Anderson (R-PC) was elected as Assistant Minority Leader. In his campaign speech, Representative Anderson quoted President Ronald Reagan, referencing the late president’s patriotic ideals and and applying them to his own dedication to the Republican party.

“I’m going to bring some Republican fire,” Assistant Minority Leader Anderson said, following the election.

The other candidates for Assistant Minority Leader included Representative Callie Oxford (R-SIC) and Representative Trent Long (R-LLCC), who each delivered unique and contrasting speeches.

The Minority Whip elections resulted in a three-way tie between Representative Callie Oxford (R-SIC), Representative Hunter Hummel (R-PC), and Representative Darrell Sanders (R-PSU). All three delegates will represent the House Republicans as Whips.

Several other Republicans vied for the Whip position, including Representative Cedric Birgans (R-UIS), Representative Raquel Olivencia (R-NEIU), Representative Darrell Sanders (R-PSU), and Representative Wendy Cruz (R-NEIU).

Following the leadership elections, committee spokespersons were chosen for each of the six House committees. Committee one, which deals with legislation regarding education, elected Representative Cruz. Committee two, Government Affairs, elected Representative Jacob Rayl (R-UIS). Committee three, which focuses on human services and the environment, elected Representative Michael Fields (R-EIU).

Representative Kaleb Schutt (R-SIC) will serve as the spokesperson for committee four, which focuses on judiciary legislation. Committee five, which looks at legislation related to labor and commerce, elected Representative Jacob Cacioppo (R-UIS). Lastly, Representative Trevor Crews (R-LLCC) will represent committee six, which addresses legislation pertaining to alcohol, transportation, and firearms.


Allen, Moustis, and Truman Lead Senate Republicans

By Josue Moreno, GSC and August Klemp, GSC

On the first day of Model Government, the Senate Republicans gathered for the party caucuses. A total of five candidates were nominated/selected for Minority Leader. The winner, Corey Allen, comes from Illinois Central College. He was last year’s outstanding minority whip and had prior experience in the senate. Representative Allen has a military background which reflects in his leadership skills.

Next was the Assistant Minority Leader. First year Representative Matt Moustis from Governor State University was selected as Assistant Minority Leader. With his Republican background working at the Frankfort Township Assessors and his boss being a Republican elected official, Matt was the chosen candidate.

Lastly, Whip was selected. A total of six candidates ran. The winner, Will Truman (R-LLCC) was selected as the Minority Whip. His understanding of the role as whip and his motivation to cross the aisle to speak with the democratic party to compromise or reach an agreement makes him a qualified candidate. Representative Gillian Jones was also selected as the Minority Whip.

Corey Allen (R-ICC) was as an outstanding Minority Whip last year, Representative Allen was excited for the opportunity to lead the Senate Republicans. When asked what his goals and expectations were for the simulation, Representative Allen said he was “eager to reach across the aisle to work with Democrats and making sure everyone gets a chance to talk about what they are passionate about”. Matthew Moustis (R-GSU) was elected as Assistant Minority Leader. Representative Moustis stated he was “Excited for the chance to serve”. The two Whips that were elected were William Truman and Gillian Jones. Both Representative Truman and Representative Jones were both excited for the opportunity to help the Minority Leadership succeed.


Dan Fogarty to Lead Senate Dems for Second Straight Year

Written by Lukas Angelus, PSC and Will Bolt, UIS

On Thursday night, Senate Democrats held their leadership selection caucus, determining the party’s majority leader, assistant majority leader, and whips.

After a compelling campaign speech, Senator Dan Fogarty (D-GSU) won the position of majority leader by a landslide vote. Following this, Senator Chelsea Ray Walters (D-MU) was elected assistant majority leader with double the votes of her runner-up.

At first, the election for whip appeared to be a tie. Both Senator Alannis Muñoz (D-ECC) and Senator Irving (D-SIC) stood from their seats, but suddenly, a recount was called.

After the recount, it was determined Senator Muñoz won by an incredibly close margin. After deliberation, senate leaders chose Senator Geoffrey Driver (D-Millikin) as the second whip.

As this is his second year in this position, Senate Majority Leader Fogerty wants to see improvements to Democratic Senate involvement. His focus will be on engaging delegates from both sides of the aisle. “I’m looking forward to getting to know everyone in my party, and even across the aisle… One of the things I want to support is bipartisanship. That’s what makes good laws in our country.”

Bipartisanship might be ideal, but it’s going to be difficult for either side to come to compromise. Follow the MIG Journal tomorrow for updates on the Senate Committee meetings, bipartisan or not.

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