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The MIG Journal: Looking Back on it All

On the final Sunday of MIG 2019, delegates came together one last time to celebrate their accomplishments at the conclusion of a busy and memorable weekend.

Sunday, March 3 - FINAL EDITION

The new Model Illinois Government Executive Board is sworn in to end the simulation. This year's board features a record number of women, and 2020 will be the third year in a row that MIG will be led by a female governor. - Photo by Kyle Bergfors

The Metaphorical Mic Drop: Finishing out Strong

Jenessa Peinado

Today, Governor Lizzie Roehrs gave her final Model Illinois Government Simulation address. Governor Roehrs hoped to remind us of “the lasting friendships made here at Model Illinois Government.” She went on to point out “...the valuable skills it can serve to teach each and everyone of us - from dealing with confrontation and disappointment to celebrating moral victories and a new knowledge of the world around you. For the most part, MIG brings out the best in us and helps us to at least want to do better. Unfortunately though, sometimes it brings out the worst in people. How you choose to learn and grow from your mistakes here says more about your character than a moment of poor judgement.”

She went on to speak of what should be remembered. “MIG is first and foremost a learning opportunity. It teaches us to deal with the ups and downs to take the lessons learned here and apply it to wherever you go from here. Use what you’ve learned here. I’m very proud of the work we’ve done and I’m excited to see where MIG goes in the future”.

Finishing her speech the Executive Board proceed to hand out awards acknowledging the following:

Outstanding Freshman Delegate (House)- Kallie Matthews (LLCC)

Outstanding House Committee leader- Christian Lane (SIC)

Outstanding House Member-Leah Schaefer (Principia)

Outstanding Freshman Delegate (Senate)- Will Truman (LLCC)

Outstanding Committee Leader- Aislinn Diaz (UIS)

Outstanding Senate Member- Dan Fogarty (PSC)

Outstanding Whip- Corey Allen (ICC)

Outstanding Journalist- Jenessa Peinado (JALC)

Outstanding Committee Chairs- Lexi Werle (WIU) and Bryce Thomas (UIS)

Outstanding Original Legislation- Shawn Dillard (SIC)

Outstanding Lobbyist- Nash Oldenettl (Millikin)

Outstanding Staff- Brock Titlow (Alumni)

Outstanding Contribution to MIG- Lizzie Roehrs (LLCC)

Outstanding Small Delegation- Southeastern Illinois College

Outstanding Large delegation- Northern Illinois University

Moot court attorney- Brittany Duke (Principia)

Outstanding Novice Attorney- Paola Ascencio (NIU)

Outstanding Overall Moot Court team: Ben Szalinski and Andrew Cunningham (UIS)

Closing out the evening Attorney General Kirsininkas (NIU) thanked his staff and all those who have made this simulation run smooth and joyously. Ending his salute to MIG he reiterated to all “What you learned here is important. Be active in MIG. Remember MIG is your organization. Keep involved, get active. This is a student run organization so run with it. Make it an amazing experience.”

Stay tuned for one final MIG Journal Article About This Year's Incoming E-Board...


Third Time's the Charm: Final Thoughts from MIG's House Correspondent

Kelly Kupris

As a second year MIG student who worked on staff this year under the Attorney General as Deputy AG and House Correspondent, I got to see a different side this time around, because I wasn’t actually debating as a representative or senator, I got to sit in the press box and watch all the delegates in their committees and sessions.

Members of the MIG press corps working to document the weekend's events - Photo by Tim Kirsininkas

What I saw in the House was very passionate, well-researched, well-fact checked, and made for overall good debates. Students from both sides of the aisle did absolutely fantastic, and I want to give a special nod to the first-years who really came to party…caucus.

All jokes aside, I want to thank you for all for the your enthusiastic participation and dedication to this MIG weekend. It’s a lot of long days and nights, emotional debates, waiting for two hours for Domino’s to be delivered, waiting eight years for an elevator to come, avoiding rolling your eyes (decorum, people) at a comment or two from across the aisle, and the endless meeting of new people, but I think we can all agree that this weekend went by in a flash. I bet we all wish we took more photos too (except for Kyle of course).

So my encouragement is this: keep this weekend in your memory, use it as an experience and good résumé addition, and most importantly, come back next year. My advice is to also switch positions if you do return. Work as a lobbyist (and write an OL), work in Moot Court, run for committee positions, work for OMB, or go to the Senate if you were in the House and vice versa. There is so much to learn about MIG as it is such a thoroughly expansive simulation, and getting a well-rounded view will only help you grow. Next year I plan on possibly returning as a staff member, and I’m also considering running for something next year too. I cannot wait for next March. I hope to see you all next year and I hope you carry this experience with you forever.


Final Acknowledgements from the MIG Journal

Kelly Kupris

I would like to use this article to thank and commemorate the Attorney General staff, or the O.G Staff, as I like to refer to them. Jenessa Peinado, John Rayburn, and Cory Kirsininkas were not only all fantastic journalists, but also fantastic first-year journalists.

At the rate of how good the first-years are doing, I think us returning MIG students will have to step our game up. It’s not just rookie luck, as they truly are talented and driven, and yes, I’m jealous. I would also to like my MIG mom Kim Wolf (Solicitor General/Senate Correspondent) for accepting being called Kelly constantly over the weekend, having a great attitude, popping it too hard on the dance floor that my beverage spilled…twice, being a great writer, editor, and organizer, and also eating lots of day old garlic bread twists with me. I’d to like to thank Kyle Bergfors (Editor-In-Chief/Photographer) for making me feel like I had paparazzi the whole weekend, being hardcore—literally, being very helpful with all my questions and suggestions, and being a great friend to make. Thank you to Ben Shafer for, despite me not seeing him much this weekend, helping us with tech issues and photo issues. I’d like to also thank Legislative Liaison Alex Rader for being super helpful with any questions I had about an OL or procedure, using enormous amounts of ketchup, and being a good (some would say…icy) guy. Thank you to Chief of Staff Paige Leonard for being a helpful resource, having excellent determination, and walking through an ice blizzard to get the Capitol with me. And of course, the big guy, Attorney General Tim Kirsninkas. Despite Tim never being able to call Kim, Kyle, and I by our right names, this A.G was awesomely good. If it weren’t for Tim I wouldn’t be here, so getting the chance to work on the staff of a close friend was an experience I’ll always be thankful for. Having Tim as A.G was like having an Alexa but with MIG information, with questions such as Tim—How do I do this? Being on his staff I was allowed a lot of freedom, but also really learned the position of a journalist and Tim was a guidepost the whole way. To be sappy, Tim is the one who inspired me to come back to MIG this year, as well as return next year as staff, and hopefully run for a position. He is the epitome of MIG…he’s like Flo from Progressive but for MIG…Progressive Tim….MIG Tim. All in all, this weekend was a superb one and it wouldn’t have been the same without my lovely co-staff members. Also thank you to ECC’s Professor Ramirez, all of our first advisor, for catching up with us, giving us rides, and giving us dang good interview material. If it weren’t for Ramirez, Tim, Kim, Paige, Alex, and I may not have been as successful at MIG as we are. And of course, thank you to all you delegates as you are the ones who made this weekend possible, as well as all of the Executive Board, namely Governor Lizzie Roehrs. Bottom line? You guys all rock.


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