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The MIG Journal: Moore Takes Governor, Four Candidates Win Re-Election


Photos by Lizzie Roehrs

Governor-Elect Isaiah Moore (GSU) reacts after being named the MIG Governor for 2020-2021

Governor: Isaiah Moore vs. Mackenzi Matthews

Isaiah Moore, Governor’s State University : 77 (58% - Governor-Elect)

Mackenzi Matthews, University of Illinois Springfield: 55 (41% of the vote)

Other: 1

By Kim Wolf and Kelly Kupris

Governor-Elect Isaiah Moore (GSU)

The race for the highest office in Model Illinois Government was a fierce one. Isaiah Moore and Mackenzi Matthews, the Preseident of the Senate and House Majority Leader, respectively, competed for the prestigious title of MIG Governor. With both Moore and Matthews being returning vets who have served multiple roles, both displayed vital qualities that are needed in a MIG Governor.

Ms. Matthews promised to use her experience to help the Executive Board expand on their alternative roles, grow confidence in lobbyists, grow the OMB, work on delegation recruitment, open lines of communication with the Executive Board as well as holding them responsible to their roles, resolve conflict by clearly defining roles, and finally, by reaching out to communities of color to better their representation within Model Illinois Government.

Mr. Moore ran with the understanding that Model Illinois Government is an experience bigger than any one individual within the organization. He painted the picture that a government under him for simulation would display, “Unity, clarity, vision, purpose, and success.” He wishes to do this by creating a Governor’s Corner, which will be a communication of transparency between himself, E-Board, and other delegations, as well as managing any conflicts that arise by being an active listener and working on finding solutions.

Both Ms. Matthews and Mr. Moore are experienced candidates who care deeply about the organization, and we commend them both on a race well-run.


Lt. Gov: Preshus Maxson vs. Colin Mosely

By James Kanter

Preshus Maxson, Prairie State College: 75 (56% of the vote - Lt. Governor Elect)

Collin Moseley, University of Illinois Springfield: 57 (43% of the vote)

Other: 1

Returning Lt. Governor Preshus Maxson (PSC)

The candidates for Executive Board presented their platform and ideas to delegates Saturday night in the Embassy room of the Wyndham hotel. The delegates in attendance asked questions directed to candidates. The candidates for the position of Lieutenant Governor included the incumbent Preshus Maxson (D-PSC) and first year delegate Collin Moseley (D-UIS).

The key goal for Ms. Maxon is the expansion of the MIG simulation. She announced that South Suburban College and Harold Washington College will be delegates at MIG 2021. Maxon shared her next recruitment tool of establishing a Pop-up location within academic facilities to talk with students about MIG participation.

Mr. Moseley expressed a grassroots approach of reaching out to community colleges, Illinois College, MacMurray College, and Lincoln College and encouraging them to start Model Government programs at their locations. He envisions this participation would increase the delegate population and assist in the recruitment of additional members.


Attorney General: Will Bolt vs. Chelsea Waters vs. Robyn Jackson

By James Kanter

Will Bolt, University of Illinois Springfield: 50 (36% of the vote)

Chelsea Ray Walters, Millikin University: 50 (36% of the vote - Attorney General-Elect*)

Robyn Jackson, Elgin Community College: 28 (21% of the vote)

Other: 5

* The winner was decided after three recounts and random lots conducted by the Election Commission.

AG-Elect Chelsea Walters (Millikin)

The first Attorney General candidate to speak at the Candidates Forum was Journalist Will Bolt (UIS). Bolt began his speech by congratulating the current Attorney General Paige Rader, and expanding upon how he would continue to improve the journal. Bolt explained his plan which was inspired by the current Attorney General, to expand the Journal outside of simulation. The second candidate Chelsea Walters (D-Millikin) ran on a platform of excellent communication skills. Additionally, Walters promised a copy of the MIG constitution for every delegate to allow for full comprehension and understanding of the document for each delegate. Finally, Robyn Jackson (D-ECC) ran with the promise of making sure that “no one is given special privileges.” She said that the “MIG constitution will be followed and respected”


Secretary of State: Zoe White (EIU) vs. Sharon Diaz (NEIU) vs. Ruqayat Adebesin (GSU)

By Lukas Angelus

Zoey White, Eastern Illinois University: 54 (41% of the vote - SoS-Elect)

Sharon Diaz, Northeastern Illinois University: 31 (23% of the vote)

Ruqayat Absedain, Prairie State College: 44 (33% of the vote)

Other: 4

SoS-Elect Zoe White (EIU)

At Saturday night’s candidate forum, three candidates campaigned for the position of Secretary of State: Zoe White (EIU), Sharon Diaz (NIU), and Ruqayat Adebesin (GSU).

Zoe White is a first year delegate who has served as committee chair for the EIU student government for four consecutive semesters. She has experience with the voting and election process at EIU. Her message to delegates is: “I care about each and every single delegate here, and I feel that their experience is what matters most.”

Sharon Diaz is a second-year delegate who serves as Senator for the NEIU student government. She has experience taking minutes and has worked with the Secretary of the NEIU student government. She would like delegates to know that “I want to increase diversity and inclusion. I would like to get more schools from Chicago.”

Ruqayat Adebesin is a fourth-year delegate, and has experience with communications and collaboration. She would like delegates to know that “I want to reach out to delegates. If I can’t help you directly, I’ll connect you with the resources you need. I’m focused on ensuring delegates have a great, comfortable experience here at MIG.


Treasurer: Marguerite McHale vs. Katherine Lara vs. Doni Purifoy

By Kim Wolf

Marguerite McHale, Eastern Illinois University: 45 (34% of the vote)

Katherine Lara, Prairie State College: 49 (37% of the vote - Treasurer-Elect)

Doni Purifoy, Western Illinois University: 33 (25% of the vote)

Returning Treasurer Katherine Lara (PSC)

Katherine Lara (PSC) is the acting Treasurer for the current executive board. She began her speech by admiring her delegation by exemplifying growth not only in numbers but in passion for government. She believes that politics are for everyone, and delegates must remember that “this is our government” so we have the opportunity to enact change. Katherine’s plan for change to enhance the position of Treasurer is to be more involved on social media and bringing more alumni representatives that were in the organization in years past to discuss how Model Illinois Government has impacted them. If elected, she will provide the analysts that are a part of the Office of Management and Budget more information regarding the role and how it is so important for the state of Illinois.


Comptroller: Natalia Borowska vs. Stephon Roberston

By Kaylar Recker

Natalia Borowska, Northeastern Illinois University: 52 (39% of the vote)

Stephon Robertson, Prairie State College: 73 (55% of the vote - Comptroller-Elect)

Other: 8

Returning Comptroller Stephon Robertson (PSC)

The E-Board position for Comptroller boiled down to two candidates: Natalia Borowska from NEIU, and current Comptroller Stephon Robertson from PSU. Each candidate had two minutes to present their stump speech, and answered three follow-up questions.

Borowska argued that she was the best candidate as she is a senator for Student Government Association at NEIU. With this role, she was responsible for maintaining a budget, while also providing consistent events for students. When asked how she would make the awards committee fair, Borowska stated she would ensure that all members from different positions would be present, such as legislators, lobbyists, and journalists, to make sure there is representation for every position.

Robertson will return as comptroller for the 2021 simulation largely because he has accomplished many goals in 2020. Robertson iterated that he has kept his eye on the budget for the past 365 days, and because of this persistence, has decreased the awards cost from $1,700 to $1,100 within the first three months he was on the State E-Board. Additionally, Robertson noted that because of relationships he obtained outside of MIG, he was able to use those connections to his advantage to cut costs. The DJ for the MIG Social this weekend is a friend of Robertson’s from NIU.


President of the Senate: Bryce Thomas vs. Dan Fogarty vs. Christian Walls

By August Klemp

Bryce Thomas, University of Illinois Springfield: 41 (31% of the vote)

Dan Fogarty, Governors' State University: 65 (49% of the vote - President-Elect)

Christian Walls, Eastern Illinois University: 27 (20% of the vote)

Incoming Senate President Dan Fogarty (GSU)

Dan Fogarty (GSU) is a three-year veteran of MIG. In his opening remarks, he vowed to improve the Senate and hold it to a higher standard. “As back to back Majority Leader of the Senate, I have the experience to get the job done.” Senator Fogarty promised to help bring out the passion in all the delegates and to make sure they enjoy their weekend here.

When asked what he would do to change or improve the MIG experience in the Senate, Senator Fogarty stated three different points. First, he stressed the importance of Original Legislation, such as the fiery bill by Callie Oxford. Second, he promised for a roll call to better improve the quality of not just voting, but that of the debates as well. Lastly, he promised to make sure there wasn’t so much moving around as to not distract from the debates themselves. All these excellent points show Senator Fogarty’s passion and excitement for the position.


Speaker of the House: Kallie Matthews vs. Michael Perri vs. Wendy Cruz

By Dana Cadey

Kallie Matthews, University of Illinois Springfield: 54 (41% of the vote - Speaker-Elect)

Michael Perri, Eastern Illinois University: 44 (33% of the vote)

Wendy Cruz, Northeastern Illinois University: 34 (26% of the vote)

Other: 1

Returning Speaker Kallie Matthews (UIS)

At the Executive Board Candidates Forum, three students gave their pitches for why they deserved the position of Speaker of the House. These candidates were running to assume this role at next year’s MIG, a process which requires extensive planning and input.

Current Speaker of the House Kallie Matthews (D-UIS) cited specific ideas to reinstate a few traditions from previous MIG simulations and – most importantly – book the New State Capitol building for the next five years. Matthews has previously served as a Whip and Committee Spokesperson for MIG, citing “trial by fire” as the best way to learn about this process.

Michael Perri (D-EIU), political science student and self-described “policy-wonk,” also discussed his tangible goals for next year’s MIG. He communicated that, should he assume the position, he would make sure that bills progress smoothly; that all of the venues are procured significantly in advance; and the the committee chairs are well-qualified. “Model Illinois Government is for everybody – not just me,” Perri said.

The third and final candidate for Speaker, Rep. Wendy Cruz (R-NEIU), spoke extensively on her leadership skills. She detailed her involvement in various student organizations on her campus, including two active vice president positions. She emphasized her desire to “make sure that every student is represented,” specifically by implementing a measure to ensure that first-year delegates speak at least once in the House.

“MIG has allowed me to understand Illinois legislation…along with helping me realize my passion for politics, and has inspired me to potentially run for office one day,” Cruz said.


Chief Justice: Elizabeth Stephens vs. Parag Sachdeva

By Josue Moreno

Elizabeth Stephens, Eastern Illinois University: 70 (53% of the vote - CJ-Elect) Parag Sachdeva, Millikin University: 55 (41% of the vote)

Other: 8

Incoming Chief Justice Elizabeth Stephens (EIU)

Moot court and MIG voted for its new Chief Justice for 2021. Two candidates looked to become the future Chief Justice. They were Elizabeth Stephens and Paraga Sachdeva.

First up was Elizabeth Stephens. It is her third year in Moot court and is the the current Chief justice and was appointed by current Chief Justice Paola Ascencio. With her being the Chief of staff and continuing to work with Paola, the experience is there. Her top priorities are to get most out of the weekend and build upon Chief Justice Asencio's successes in running this year's Moot Court Competition.


Winning Candidates will be Sworn In at the MIG Transition Meeting - Date TBA

Publishing staff: AG Paige Rader, Editor in Chief Aileen Garcia, Press Secretary Tim Kirsininkas

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