Model Illinois Government (MIG) gives students the opportunity to experience the workings of politics and government in Illinois first hand.

MIG is a government simulation where students from colleges and universities around Illinois gather at the Illinois State Capitol to serve as legislators, staffers, lobbyists, journalists, and officials of the executive branch. Through committee actions, a regular legislative session and a veto session, participants learn the legislative process.  MIG gives UIS students the opportunity to learn the inner workings of Illinois government and experience politics and the legislative process first hand. MIG starts in the fall semester preparing legislation, polishing up parliamentary skills, and organizing the membership into a delegation for the spring conference.

The University of Illinois Springfield is a leader in MIG.  Our students have served as the governor of MIG and we have been awarded the Outstanding Large Delegation award numerous times.

For more information or to join contact faculty advisor Kenneth Owen(link sends email).

At UIS Chloe Compton was one of the head delegates for the Model Illinois Government Club.  After her she graduated from UIS with a double major in political science and communication, she was selected to the highly regarded Illinois Legislative Staff Intern Program (ILSIP) at UIS.  As an ILSIP Internship worked in the Issues Development Unit within the Office of the Speaker of the House of Representatives.

Model Illinois Government Competition

The Model Illinois Government (MIG) simulation is structured for a legislative simulation, as well as a moot court competition in the actual House and Senate chambers in our State’s Capitol in Springfield. Students choose various simulation roles including: legislator, lobbyist, journalist, attorney, judge, and numerous positions of party, committee, and chamber leadership. MIG is a wonderful opportunity to hone your debate and communication skills against college students from across the state including the University of Illinois at Champaign, the University of Illinois at Springfield, Southern Illinois University, Illinois State, Eastern, and Western Universities.

Model Illinois Government (MIG) – POS 165

Illinois State Capital building

Students prepare for the annual Model Illinois Government (MIG) simulation held in the Illinois Senate and House chambers. MIG is a role playing simulation that builds upon student preparation in parliamentary procedure, bill analysis, policy research, drafting legislation and debate. Examples of roles are senator, representative, lobbyist, journalist, legislative staff, leadership roles and budget analyst. This class has intensive reading and writing elements. (3 lecture hours)

Prerequisite: POS 101 and permission of instructor.


Illinois State Government

The Illinois state government is a governmental body that works independently in the state of Illinois. It also works in concert with the federal government to ensure that federal regulations are followed. The seat of the government of the state of Illinois is Springfield.

Independent powers of the Illinois state government include:

  • Management of the education of citizens of Illinois
  • Management of healthcare and health-related entities and institutions
  • Licensing of providers of services
  • Regulating commerce in Illinois state boundaries
  • Overseeing public health and safety, including through the issuance of licenses

Cooperation between the Illinois state government and other levels of government (federal and local) is managed by Municipal Joint Action Agencies. The state government of Illinois works together with the federal government in many ways, including:

  • Managing municipal waste
  • Managing and contributing to economic development in local jurisdictions
  • Managing juvenile detention facilities
  • Investment of Illinois state funds