Lt. Gov. Lopez-Zavala Welcomes Delegates to MIG 2022

Photos and graphic by Lizzie Roehrs

This year’s MIG started with a few hiccups, but by the end of the first night, the gears were greased and the wheels were in motion. Lieutenant Governor Francisco Lopez-Zavala welcomed in the latest generation of delegates on the 29th floor of the Wyndham Springfield City Centre Hotel in downtown Springfield. Lt. Gov. Lopez-Zavala told the MIG newcomers that past participants of MIG have received job offerings from some of the connections made at simulation. He also encouraged everyone to develop as many new relationships as possible.

Secretary of State Nicollete Allen informed the new delegates that if any of them would like to run for e-board, they would need to receive 20 signatures (including one from the faculty advisor of their respective delegation) on a petition form and send that information to her using the MIG website by 6 pm Saturday. No letter of intent or pictures are required. All candidates will be able to participate in a forum to be held on Saturday night from 7:00-8:00p.m. in Plaza 3 of the hotel. However, Sec. of State Allen said that campaigning is not allowed on floors 15, 21 and 25-29, as they should be treated as floors in the Capitol building. Voting for this year’s e-board elections will occur on paper ballots and the results will be announced on Sunday morning.

Keynote videos featured previous MIG delegates describing their time at MIG, what it meant to them, and how it had impacted their future. Lt. Gov. Lopez-Zavala left the new delegate orientation with some sage advice: “Campaign and connect with different people from across the state, but most importantly, take care of yourself physically and mentally. Your health does come first.”

By: Ryland Pietras