Governor Lizzie Roehrs - Lincoln Land Community College

Governor Roehrs is a recent graduate of the University of Illinois in Springfield with a degree in Communication. She works full time at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign at an engineering laboratory while taking MIG at Lincoln Land Community College.

This year will be her fifth and final year in Model Illinois Government. In her first year, Lizzie served as the spokesperson for the Democrats in the House Education Committee and won the award for Outstanding Freshman Delegate. Her second year, she was the House Majority Leader and won the award for Outstanding Member of the House of Representatives. Her third year, she worked on the staff of the Speaker of the House and last year she served as the Speaker of the House and her delegation won Outstanding Small Delegation.

This year, she hopes to leave a lasting, positive impact on Model Illinois Government.

She has side jobs at her local Guitar Center and as a freelance photographer. In her free time, she enjoys playing guitar, petting dogs, and participating in various rec league sports. She also enjoys collecting art, baking, and occasionally spending her weekends at historical reenactments.

Lieutenant Governor Sabrina LeBlanc - Millikin University

Lt. Governor LeBlanc is a Political Science and Music student at Millikin University. This is her fourth year participating in Model Illinois Government, and prior to her election as Lt. Governor served as a MIG Lobbyist, and was appointed to serve on staff as the head lobbyist last year.

She is looking forward to meeting new people and helping everyone have a great experience at sim!

Attorney General Tim Kirsininkas - Northern Illinois University

Attorney General Kirsininkas is a recent graduate of Northern Illinois University with a degree in Communications and minors in Journalism and Political Science, and currently does communications and marketing work for the St. Charles Public Library and St. Charles History Museum. This is his fifth and final year participating as a delegate in Model Illinois Government.

He started his MIG experience in 2015 as part of Elgin Community College’s first-ever MIG Delegation, and after transferring to NIU in 2016, helped set up the delegation there. In 2017, he served as the President of the organization as they captured the award for Outstanding Small Delegation in just their second year at sim, and was elected to the Executive Board as Lieutenant Governor. Prior to serving on the Board, Tim held leadership positions as House Majority Whip in 2016 and Chair of the House Government Affairs Committee in 2017.

It is his goal to help inspire the next generation of Model Illinois Government leaders and to challenge the students who participate in the organization to educate themselves on the workings of their state government and to encourage them to get involved in government at all levels: local, state, and national.

Secretary of State Aileen Garcia - Northern Illinois University

Aileen is a senior Fashion Merchandising student at Northern Illinois University. She has been a part of NIU’s delegation since their return in 2016, and prior to her election as Secretary of State served as the Secretary of NIU’s delegation, a House Majority Whip, and committee spokesperson. This is her fourth and final year participating in MIG.

For sim this year, she aims to get to know as many people as possible from around the state. She wants to be a go-to person for questions about all things MIG, and wants to see an increase in the number of people running for Executive Board positions as well as voter turnout!

Treasurer Colin Cisco - University of Illinois Springfield

This will be Colin’s third year participating in Model Illinois Government, and will be in charge of leading the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) and all things state finances during simulation. As part of OMB at simulation last year, Colin worked under the direction of Treasurer Caitlin Osborn to secure millions of dollars in emergency flood relief funding for the City of Peoria as part of MIG’s first-ever “crisis” scenario. Colin has previously served as a MIG delegate in the House of Representatives, and has real-world political experience, working in Speaker Michael Madigan’s office.

Comptroller Cale Bergschneider - University of Illinois Springfield

This will be Comptroller Bergschneider’s third year participating in Model Illinois Government, and as Comptroller, he is in charge of organizing the special events of MIG like the Friday and Saturday social events and Sunday’s Awards Banquet. He will also be the Chairman of the simulation’s awards committee, who will evaluate students and delegations for awards scoring throughout the weekend.

Speaker of the House Mackenzi Matthews - Lincoln Land Community College

Mackenzi is a sophomore Political Science major at Lincoln Land Community College. She was appointed by Governor Roehrs to the Board in December to fill in for the previous Speaker, who stepped down for personal reasons.

Last year was her first year at MIG, and served as Assistant Majority Leader in the House. On the House floor she led debate on several bills, one being her own piece of original legislation. She has made many friends through the organization, and she is excited to see how the 2019 Model Illinois Government Simulation plays out!

Her main goal for this simulation is to make sure that all Representatives and those who visit the chamber have a positive experience within the House. Debate can get heated, but she wants everyone to remember we are all here to have an amazing and fun learning experience! She also has a twin sister, Kallie, who will be on the minority side in the House. Try not to get them confused during the course of the weekend!

President of the Senate Chloe Compton - University of Illinois Springfield

Chloe is a Senior Political Science and Communications major at UIS getting ready to graduate in a few months. She has participated in MIG for the last 4 years, and she is excited to have been able to grow into her position on the eboard. She considers herself a “parli pro PRO” because she has been a chair every year she has participated up to now. She is excited to make sure that everyone gets to debate meaningful, interesting bills and to ensure that everyone has a great simulation.

Chief Justice Christopher Dorsett - Eastern Illinois University

Chief Justice Christopher “Topher” Dorsett is a Philosophy and Political Science major at Eastern Illinois University with minors in both Ethics and Pre-Law.

He was a Student Attorney for Model Illinois Government as well as a quarter-finalist for the 2018 Moot Court Tournament. His main goal for the 2019 simulation is to give student attorneys a practical, professional, and realistic experience. He is eagerly awaiting to see everyone at simulation this year.