Student Leadership Awards Show Promise for Future of ICC

Illinois Central College is an incredibly diverse environment to surround yourself in. With over 12,000 students across 3 campuses, hundreds of courses offered including certification, occupational, and online programs, and over 50 unique clubs recognized on campus (most of which are officially listed on ICC’s website), there is no shortage of activities to get involved and immersed in. ICC as a community college is a rarity which makes the Student Leadership Awards ceremony that more impressive.

Hosted April 24th by Emily Points, Dean of Students, and Mr. Bruce Budde, the Student Leadership Awards recognize the most outstanding examples of extracurricular student leadership while also acknowledging the future of student leaders here at ICC with representatives from the Vagabond Art Club, Campus Activities Board, International Club, Student Life, and various academic societies in attendance.

During the ceremony, we received compelling words of encouragement from current ICC students transitioning to the next step in their academic career as well as new students beginning their journey. This includes introductions by Elaina Sassine, Student Representative to the Board of Trustees, the swearing in of new Representative to Trustees KJ and Student Government Officers which include Cheryl Harvey, new Student President, Valerie, VP, and Chase, Treasurer.

Students and faculty, including SGA Officers, enjoy an evening of laughter

We also had many students recognized for their achievements on a more individual level, this includes our winners and runners-up in the annual writing contest:

  • Creative Writing
    • 1st: Falon Grimm
    • 2nd: Kenneth Barton
    • 3rd: Robert Cratey
  • Document Research
    • 1st: Morgan Allen
  • Poetry
    • 1st: Maren Tennis
    • 2nd: Paul Rupert
    • 3rd: Nathaniel Parks
  • Paul Simmon Essay
    • Joel Litweiller

Finally, we have the awards awarded by the college to officers and organizations of special recognition for their contributions to Illinois Central College and the community:

  • Outstanding First Year Member
    • Matt Farley for his hard work as PTK Communication Officer, Student Assistant, and future student of Engineering at Stanford University
  • Officer of the Year
    • Branden Phillips of the Vagabond Arts Club for organizing the Stonycreek Mural project, Washington (High School) Exploratory Program, his efforts as a tutor in art, and for arranging a once-in-a-lifetime trip to New York for members of the VAC
  • Advisor of the Year
    • Jill Right of Phi Theta Kappa
  • Organization of the Year
    • Vagabond Art Club
  • Student of the Year (Applied Science)
    • Brandy Robel
  • Student of the Year (Transfer)
    • Ian Leina

Due to the nature of the event, names and pictures may not be currently available but corrections and additions are greatly appreciated. If you or someone you know was attendance or was recognized, share your story and let everyone at ICC know why your story matters!