Welcome to MIG 2020: Meet Your Executive Board

We’re only a couple days away from another Model Illinois Government conference! It’s an exciting time when students and alumni from around the state convene and put themselves in their government’s shoes for the weekend to learn about the structure and function of state government.

Before you head to Springfield, meet your dedicated Executive Board officers who will be running things this weekend and ensuring that everyone has a fun, well-rounded, and most importantly, educational experience.

Read below to see each officer’s primary goal in executing this year’s simulation.

Sabrina LeBlanc, Governor Millikin University, Political Science

I want to help people fall in love with the organization as much as I have over the past few years. Something truly amazing happens when this organization comes together, and I want everybody to have the chance to gain that experience and enjoy themselves!

Preshus Maxson, Lt. Governor

Prairie State College, Political Science

I’d like to give students the same great MIG experience even though we’re not in our usual location. I’d also like to encourage delegates to bring new students to expand our numbers for next simulation.

Paige Rader, Attorney General

Northern Illinois University, English

I want everyone to have an amazing experience, especially the first year delegates, and for them to really engage in all aspects of the simulation.

Isamel Cordova, Secretary of State Elgin Community College, Political History & History

I want to help run an effective election and increase voter turnout. I look forward to working alongside my colleagues on the Executive Board to create a fun, exciting, and educational simulation.

Katherine Lara, Treasurer Prairie State College, Political Science

I want to help people who are on the edge of being interested in politics to understand politics and get them more interested in being active in their government. And for others who love MIG to become more active in the organization, like running for party leadership or Executive Board.

Stephon Robertson, Comptroller Governor's State University, Sociology

Coming into 2020 MIG, my hopes for this year is to touch as many new delegates as possible to make returners! Being my second year, having the motivation of my peers helped me to gain confidence about myself and gave me more to debate! Throughout the weekend I plan to be as helpful as the ones before me to make it possible while you transition through this weekend’s events! I love to see everyone!

Isaiah Moore, President of the Senate Prairie State College, Urban Planning and Policy

I want to engage the educational asset of simulation fully by prompting meaningful debates as well as well-structured and thought provoking debates.

Kallie Matthews, Speaker of the House

University of Illinois Springfield, Accounting & Business Administration

I would like to help foster interesting and respectful debate within the House.

Paola Ascencio, Chief Justice Northern Illinois University, Political Science & Psychology

I hope for people to walk away feeling like they can take on their goals after simulation is done. What we can accomplish in government doesn’t end when simulation ends, it only begins!